2006 - Present

- Chose photography as primary artistic medium - Enrolled in community ed photo classes & photo festival workshops

- Attended portfolio reviews including Filter Photo Festival 2011 (Chicago), FotoFest 2012 & 2014 (Houston), Photolucida 2015 (Portland, OR) and the juried New York Times Lens Portfolio Review 2015 (NYC)



- Community art teacher, creative workshop facilitator, set designer, professional storyteller, vender of original art objects at conferences and conventions, pen-and-ink drawings published locally, nationally and internationally



- Exhibiting artist, art reviewer, award-winning watercolor painter, multi-media and performance artist



-Studied Fine Arts at the Center for Creative Studies (CCS), Detroit, MI

-Awarded CCS merit scholarship 1978



-Married Edward Dorsey

-Moved to Detroit



- MSW Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, MA



- AB Meredith College, Raleigh, NC



-Born in Washington, DC -Raised in Falls Church, VA





2016 - “Falling Into Place” self-portrait book by Patricia Lay-Dorsey included in the library collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City



- "Looking at Images" by Brooks Jensen (LensWork: 2014), Dualities portfolio by Patricia Lay-Dorsey pictured and discussed by Brooks Jensen

- "A Detroit Anthology" edited by Anna Clark (Rust Belt Chic Press: 2014), 11 photos published from Patricia Lay-Dorsey’s Detroit Is Its People portfolio



- "Falling Into Place" self portraits by Patricia Lay-Dorsey (Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales: November 2013)

- "Falling Into Place" Exhibition Catalog (The Griffin Museum of Photography: January 2013)






- Photolucida/Critical Mass 2015 Rauschenberg Residency Award



- "Falling Into Place" by Patricia Lay-Dorsey awarded 1st place in Emotion category of Prague’s 2013 Photo Annual Awards & exhibited in Final Wall Gallery Exhibition, Teplice, Czech Republic



- "Falling Into Place", awarded 3rd prize, 2010 Fotovisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Photography Project






- "They Call Me Grandma Techno" at The Heidelberg Project's Exposure Gallery, Detroit, MI



- "Falling Into Place: self portraits" at Lianzchou International Foto Festival, China

- "Falling Into Place: self portraits" at Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Art Gallery, Detroit, MI

- "Falling Into Place: self portraits" at Central Michigan University Library, Mt. Pleasant, MI



- "Falling Into Place: self portraits" at Fovea Exhibitions, Beacon, NY

- "Falling Into Place" at The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA



-"Active Elders" at the Ellen Kayrod Gallery, Detroit, MI






- O, The Oprah Magazine, January issue, "5 of the Most Inspiring Women on Instagram" by Zoe Donaldson

- LensWork Magazine, issue #121, "Tea For Two" photo project featured in print and in Lenswork Extended #121 with additional photos & audio interview with Brook Jensen



- Meredith College Magazine, “Redefining Strong: Alumna uses art as springboard for discussion of disability” by Suzanne Stanard

- Central Michigan Reference Point Magazine, “Up-Close and personal: Patricia Lay-Dorsey documents life with a disability” by Dan Digmann

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- Grosse Pointe News, MI, “Library hosts book signing” by Ann J. Fouty



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- The Boston Globe, “Three shows at Griffin Museum of Photography” by Mark Feeney



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- Photo published in The Sun Magazine



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-, "Festival All-Star: Grandma Techno, Movement's Elder Stateswoman" by Marcus Dowling

-VOGUE ITALIA, “Patricia Lay-Dorsey: The Ability of Being” by Alessia Glavanio

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- LensWork Extended #77, "Falling Into Place" photo essay and audio interview





- "They Call Me Grandma Techno" mini-documentary shown at the Electric Roots Micro Music Film Festival sponsored by the Detroit Sound Project at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit, MI



- BBC World Update, radio interview with Dan Damon

- National Public Radio affiliate: WCMU interview "CMU hosts artist/author to speak on living with multiple sclerosis"

- Art and Design, WMTV cable interview with Lauren Parrott

- The Photography Channel-TV, "Falling Into Place" video by David Snider



- "Artist Talk by Patricia Lay-Dorsey" video on Fovea Exhibitions website

- "They Call Me Grandma Techno" mini-documentary filmed/edited by Clarence Johnson



- Image from "Falling Into Place" included in Lauren Greenfield’s documentary film, "Beauty CULTure"



- Location Scout (Detroit) for "It Might Get Loud," documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim





- "Heroine" exhibition at the Elizabeth Houston Gallery in New York City

- Instagram's #MyStory exhibit/launch at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles

-"Looking For America Instagram Resident Artist" for the Diiffusion-Cardiff Internatiional Festival of Photography, Wales



- "Social Photography: Art in Progress" exhibits in Indianapolis, IN at the Indy Indie Artist Colony and Studio B Creative Exchange



- "Fear & Loathing," inaugural Art Photo Index (API) online exhibit curated by Katherine Ware



- "Beauty CULTure" exhibition curated by Kohle Yohannan at The Annenburg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA

- "Artist’s Choice: Photographic Work by Michigan Artists," Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography

- An International Exchange Project: Beijing, Toronto, Helsinki, Detroit



- Burn Magazine Gallery Exhibit: Brooklyn, NY and FotoWeek DC





- Interactive slide presentation/discussions on disability in two Human Diversity and Social Justice classes at Eastern Michigan University



- Interactive slide presentation/discussions on disability in five Human Diversity and Social Justice classes at Eastern Michigan University, and two undergraduate social work classes at Central Michigan University

- Gallery events at Swords Into Plowshares Gallery exhibit of "Falling Into Place:" 1) "Disability From the Inside: Conversations with Disabled Metro Detroiters;" 2) Interactive discussion on disability for a high school Social Justice class; 3) Educational Forum for the Michigan Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns vocational rehabilitation counselors

- Keynote Speaker for the Michigan Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Annual Meeting and Recognition event in Warren, MI

- Guest lecturer for the Clarke Library Michigan Authors Speaker Series, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI

- Interactive slide presentation/discussion and book signing at the Grosse Pointe (MI) Public Library



- Interactive slide presentation/discussions on disability in two Human Diversity and Social Justice classes at Eastern Michigan University





- "Falling/Dancing Into Place" interactive slideshow/electronic music performance with DJ illich Mujica at "Falling Into Place Book Launch & Dance Party" at Fovea Exhibitions, Beacon, NY





- Successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help publish Lay-Dorsey's "Falling Into Place" self portrait book